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Snapshot 12w21a ist da

Zeit für einen neuen Snapshot! Eine große Veränderung diesmal: Ihr braucht nicht die Server.jar um den Singplayer Modus zu spielen – und mehr! Der ganze Prozess wird immer benutzerfreundlicher! Den Changelog findet ihr im Post!

NPC Villagers können handeln


  • Villagers will trade items (They are notoriously cheap, however)
  • Added a “currency item”
  • A few minor terrain changes
  • A new useful block/item (requires obsidian)
  • Added a /seed command for showing the map seed
  • Added sandstone stairs
  • A lot of smaller changes and fixes

Hier könnt Ihr den Snapshot downloaden:

Client: download

Server: download


Manche interessante Dinge die bereits entdeckt wurden


  • Possible TNT traps in the world
  • Ender Chest (Sort of like a chest network – place two different Ender Chests and place items in either, and they will appear in any other Ender Chests you have placed. It glows a bit.)
  • Emerald and Emerald Ore (used with Villagers)
  • Made Buckets stackable.
  • Added Snow to Creative Inventory.
  • NPC Villages change style according to their biome.
  • Stars are more realistic.
  • They are now slightly smaller and slightly brighter.
  • Changed Gravel texture.
  • Improved Options menu.
  • Added Pyramids.
  • Added a second Golden Apple made with Blocks of Gold.
    After being consumed, the player receives 30 second Regeneration IV, plus Resistance and Fire Resistance for 5 minutes.
  • Dispensers will eject Water and Lava source blocks (from buckets); Will also take water and lava source blocks if there is an empty bucket inside

Wie bei jedem Update gibt es auch hier ein paar Bugs, die bereits das Licht der Öffentlichkeit erblickt haben:


  • Emerald Ore has the wrong texture.
  • Loading a world from a previous version corrupts it.
  • Generated structures are very buggy.
  • New Golden Apple does not appear in the creative mode inventory screen.
  • Villager Trading for items worth more than one emerald doesn’t work if you place the emeralds one by one.
  • When removing the last Ender Chest, no items are ejected, and you must place a new one to retrieve the items. (may not be a bug)
  • Single player still thinks it requires server/minecraft_server.jar. A blank file with the same name can be used.
  • When generating a superflat world, you will get chunk errors – there will be some chunks generated in default, and the other are generated in superflat.
  • Stacked buckets don’t pick up fluids. Instead, the fluid just disappears.


Minecraft Bilder: Update


Mittlerweile wurde der Snapshot 12w21b released.
Gestern wurde 12w12a der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt – dieser enthielt eine Reihe neuer Features, aber leider auch eine Menge Bugs. Hier der neue Snapshot 12w12b.

Client: Download
Server: Download